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Photo: ZOY

Writings on crime fiction

        Two Swedish crime writers looking for settings to their respective crime novels in Chicken Gali in Bengaluru.

        Photo by Raghav Shreyas.

        Writings on other writers

        In Swedish:
        In English:
        RK Narayan in his study (left) & on his balcony (right)  Photo: ZOY.

        Writings on travel

        In English:
        In Swedish:


        Things left behind in Jamshedpur.

        Some other published things...

        In Swedish
        • The essential subaltern guides to Sweden (Subaltern #3-2007) and America (Subaltern #1-2005) (The whole catalogue of Subaltern issues etc is HERESubaltern har varit en sorts antologi i tidskriftsform där de olika numren behandlat diverse ting från jordens undergång till erotik. En utgåva handlade om Amerika – till vilken jag skrev den långa ingångsessän om mina resor runt USA – och en annan var tänkt som en alternativ Sverigeguide, där jag bidrog med ett avsnitt om ”Strömsholms kanal”.
        • The ultimate book on cinema and cocktails Den stora boken om film och alkohol är utgiven av Filmkonst och i den finns naturligtvis ett kapitel om 1001 groggar i Bollywood.
        • A short story for download Här kan man ladda ner novellen ”Konstnärens liv”
        • A short story not for download (see also this review in SwedishHär kan man inte ladda ner novellen ”Kioskägarens son”
        In English

        Photo: Anjum Hasan

        The mixed bag - or relevant stuff discovered while surfing the net

        In English

        In Swedish, some interviews and articles on important subjects  (Lite länkar till folk som skrivit om mig)

        Must reads

        In English:
        Not necessarily in English:


      • Some songs I've co-written (with Twice A Man), available on CD (free MP3 audio samples online) "Noises of India" and "Shanti-Shanti" taken from the 2003 album "Agricultural Beautyby Twice A Man, Gothenburg
      • The Swedish rockers Drift Band recorded a song based on experiences at my wedding, "An Old Monk in an Ambassador in the Rain" and here you can listen to the song
      • And here's the genuine Frank Zappa of Swedish heavy metal, with his band called Freak Kitchen. The other day I just co-wrote a hardrock song with these fellows... probably it'll be released sometime 2011 but the band might play it at concerts even before that. BREAKING NEWS: listen to the title song from the forthcoming movie "Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan" (also known, in Swedish, as "Tandooriälgen")

      • ...more to come!