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What you might like to listen to...

  • Some songs I've co-written (with Twice A Man), available on CD (free MP3 audio samples online) "Noises of India" and "Shanti-Shanti" taken from the 2003 album "Agricultural Beautyby Twice A Man, Gothenburg
  • A recently rescued film clip from the mockumentary-rockumentary "A Pony Filled With Anguish" (1992) detailing the rise and fall of my old band The Intellectuals, here seen in a cover version of a Beatles song:
  • YouTube Video

  • An old live performance with The Butterfly Effect of the song "Deep Julia Dreaming" from our album "TRIP", recently discovered by some archeologists on youtube. You'll spot me on the far right in the film clip: 

  • YouTube Video

  • The Swedish rockers Drift Band recorded a song based on experiences at my wedding, "An Old Monk in an Ambassador in the Rain" and here you can listen to the song and here somebody appears to have transcribed and posted the lyrics!
  • And here's The Freak Kitchen, the genuine Frank Zappa of Swedish heavy metal, and their latest  video

  • More odds and ends from my CD rack:

    Best new band of 2011, a Tamil Nadu-based rock act called Adam & The Fish-Eyed Poets, and they’ve kindly put up their debut album "Snakeism" for free download - and it is definitely among the best debuts I have heard since the Beatles, wonderful songs of classic proportions and fabulous lyrics such as the understated line about the girls "were drinking something of little or no importance".


    Another best new music discovery of recent years – simply don’t go to art school. Thanks to friends Caroline and Julia we have an autographed copy of the album “Musical Couture” (2009), which is perhaps the greatest step forward for pop music since Ziggy Stardust.

    Just in case you haven’t been there, done that, here’s Tom Robinson’s website which shares free advice for aspiring rock stars and – well, excellent source of free music downloads by one of the best musicians of all time.


    Here is the official Un Rodo Cora dotcom, finally up and running, so now you can go play the jukebox and watch their funny videos. Incidentally, I'm doing backing vocals on a track on their latest album "Beijing-Bangalore" from 2012.


    With the Rutles and Bonzo subsections, plus excellent downloads of the legendary comic musician Neil Innes, first seen – well, as far as I know – in the “Magical Mystery Tour” movie by the Beatles, this website must be visited frequently.

  is the website and is where you go to see a video from the latest album by ex-Hassisen Kone and ex-Sielun Veljet rock genius Ismo Alanko.


    The Soundtrack of Our Lives can be found on this link.

    Here's where you rock with India's greatest rock group Parikrama, officially, and hard - do play the downloads.

    And here's another fantastic band, although the downloads don't work maybe you can find their CDs in a shop nearby. Worth hearing...

    ...and more to come!